Hanging with the Liberal Ladies

LLLHad lunch this week with the Liberal Ladies… smart, fun group! Mostly, over 40, these women have “been there, done that” and have made the Tshirt into a quilt already!

I don’t know each of them personally (yet) but I can speak for myself and maybe some of them and say, “we have had enough”

Enough harassment about feminism – YES! I AM A proud feminist and you should be too!

Enough bullshit from Rethuglicans who seem to care only for wealthy, white, male Americans.

Enough of the horrendous racism and hatred that has been so prevalent lately – i.e. Ferguson and the US border

Enough of the NRA, it’s twisted logic and dangerous lobbying.

Enough, Enough, ENOUGH.

So we get together and talk and plan and laugh and cry and shake our heads in disbelief and lift each other up and give kudos where due. Everyone needs a tribe, says Seth Godin, I think I have found mine. YAY!

Amy loves Liberals, lol!!

Not One More

richard MAfter his son was killed in the shootings in Santa Barbara in late May, Richard Martinez shared a powerful message:

“Today, I’m going to ask every person I can find to send a postcard to every politician they can think of with three words on it: ‘Not one more.’ People are looking for something to do. I’m asking people to stand up for something. Enough is enough.”

Over half a million people have already answered his call. Now, it’s your turn. Join The Nation and Everytown for Gun Safety and tell your elected representatives that not one more person should die because of our broken gun laws. Everytown for Gun Safety will print and deliver a postcard with the message below to your senators, representative and governor.




Oh Gwen! I love you so… your style is fun, sexy and EXPENSIVE!
To the right is what Gwen wore recently on a family zoo trip. How easy-fabuloso is this look?!
She’s wearing a sheer, plaid shirt over a black bra … perfect if you’re internationally famous rock star royalty.
For a commoner like me… Hmm… Well, I chose a plaid pea-coat. It’s hard to go wrong with a pea-coat;
it’s a classic that looks cool on everyone! Here the plaid makes it look so-current.
Her boots might be traditional dark green Wellies. I chose black boots with a bit of a heel
to go with my  black straight-leg jeans; tone-on-tone in an attempt to elongate my stubby legs.
The crossbody bag I chose is actually a L.A.M.B. Bag ala Gwen herself.
Round dark sunglass and, of course, RED lips!
BTW, if you are afraid of RED lipstick, recycle that brownish lip color that you should throw away – use it as
a base for a RED.
…(Don’t wear brown tones by themselves, too aging)
All the fashions are less than $50 and plus-sized. Youthful, sexy, affordable but not CHEAP!
I already said I love Gwen… ;-D

New Boots for Christmas

New Boots for Christmas
I think I write about boots way too much! Oh well… I will get over it… someday 🙂
Beloved Mom gave me $ for Christmas and I bought boots! Justin Gypsy boots. CUTE!
Brown ostrich with tangerine colored shaft – shorty boots for shorty me!
I got them at Cavander’s in Austin.  They were packed with boot buyers!
I put together A Stylish 8*  – building around the boots. All of the  clothes are plus-sized and $50 or less…
but click on the bag! About $1000!!
If I travel with this set, I will wear the boots to fly. They are fairly easy off/on for security and would be heavy in my carry-on.
BTW the boots were $64 at Cavander’s. They are cheaper online, but I wanted to try them on.
I highly recommend trying on boots, especially cowboy boots, before buying.
You should struggle a bit to get them on then ‘pop’ your foot into the heel. They will slip on the heel at first,
but with a little wear that will stop. Or you could soak them in water and wear them dry…
tried and true method for ‘customize fittin’ your boots!
If I were way younger and thinner I would wear these with the Texas Co-ed Uniform… a strapless mini-dress
or super-short shorts!
That is THE look at UT sport events. I promise not to do that =D
Amy loves her new boots!!
Thanks, Mom

I love RED and White for Christmas!

I love RED and White for Christmas!
The other Day I posted about the Black and White colorblock dress… then I dreamed about Red and White and I LOVE the looks here!  From now until July any of these Red and White looks will

be great.  Just re-arrange the accessories.

These are skirt/shirt combo’s instead of dresses – so it’s all interchangeable.
My personal favorite is the boxed one on the bottom row – flared skirt with lace up boots and furry-ball scarf.  I MIGHT be too old for that look, tho… I would have to think about it and get Flash’s opinion.
Found this gorgeous photo of Amy Adams today and had to post.  It’s just what I am showing… Red Skirt, White Top, Neutral shoes… so, so pretty.

Black and White and Fab

Black and White and Fab
The black and white colorblock dress… so feminine, so many ways to wear it.
I guess this could be achieved with a black skirt and white blouse, but somehow, that would be different. Can’t explain it !?!?   But I know you know what I mean!
Getting closer to the holidays, getting a bit cooler in ATX, I can finally layer some clothes and not sweat through immediately.
I am looking for a Black and White colorblock dress for me… plus sized and budget friendly, of course!
Plan to get mucho use out of it during the holidays and way beyond.
When I was thinking about this post, I met Charlotte in Houston! She was perfect for this post, I love her look.
Not everyone is as comfortable as she is with lots of accessories,
but I think she pulled this off perfectly!