g232141_u82512_sonia-sotomayor-time-magazineSO, our new Justice/Benchwarmer nominee is Sonia Sotomayor.  I like the sound of that name. 
Not just because she is a Latina, but mostly because she is a woman.  
Women make up 51.5% of the US population
Women make up 11% of the US Supreme Court Justices (currently)
Add Sonia Sotomayor and we’re up to a whopping 22%
Why are women so underrepresented on the highest court of our country? 
Apparently, right now at least, Americans aren’t too concerned about women actually sitting on the bench: According to Gallup, “Just 6 percent of Americans say it is ‘essential’ that Obama appoint  a woman, while another 26 percent say it would be ‘a good idea, but not essential.’”
Meghan O’Rourke of Double X Magazine
 I’m part of the above 6 percent… What I have a hard time understanding is why more people, women and men, are not.  Does a woman bring a special kind of jurisprudence to the bench? 
I really don’t know, but I would certainly like to see our Supreme Court come closer reflecting the populus it works for.
I look forward to the comfirmation of Ms. Sotomayor.  I hope she is a benchwarmer for a very long time as she offers an unbiased, yet female, point of view.
Amy loves Sonia

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