The Hostess Skirt

The Hostess Skirt
The Hostess Skirt by Amy Loves Austin

Christmas Eve in Austin is generally 78 and raining… ick
It’s not too much fun to get dressed up in winter/holiday clothes in balmy weather.

I’ve been thinking about a ‘Hostess Skirt’, remember those? Very popular in the 50’s and 60’s, my own chic Mommy had 2 at least! Not a bad idea to resurrect…
Think about it… one skirt could go to several parties and Christmas Eve… it is such a great concept – one we could embrace again because it is versatile, stylin’ and potentially cheap.
sharon-stone-oscar_182w.zinabeverlyhills.comThink Sharon Stone at the Oscars in a blue satin shirt
and her husband’s white business shirt
– super sexy, super simple. right?
 In my opinion a hostess skirt should be maxi length, and texturally interesting.  Add a variety of blouses, camisoles, T-shirts… different looks for different occasions all with-in a theme.
I  might also wear Sharon’s skirt with:
black halter type top (black, white or ivory), 
maybe a jewel-neck cashmere cropped cardigan in a soft pistachio or pale lemon (wear it backward with buttons down the back and hair up!), 
a snug navy blue T shirt
Just some ideas to get you rolling. Also notice the ‘half-skirt’ tied on the mannequin above?  I LOVE this idea… I can see it with a mock-neck and Laura Petrie style cigarette-leg pants.
Make a Holiday plan now, how many events can you attend with one skirt and a variety of tops?  Let me know, OK?

Amy loves the Hostess with the Mostest

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