Brenda Leigh is my favorite kitty

Brenda Leigh is a good teacher for me.  We saved her from certain death at Town Lake Animal Shelter and she re-pays us generously, she assumed the role of Alpha in our household and doles out small amounts of affection, on her own terms, of course.
I can learn from that type of gratitude, our kindness did not change who she was, she accepted it and moved on to a better life.  It would be unnatural for her cat-self to do any different.
In the past I have found myself at the receiving end of very generous offers – even accepted a few.  Later I became resentful of the power that the gift giver had over me… BUT  I should have been like Brenda Leigh and just moved on with my life.  If the giver meant well, that ‘powerless’ feeling was in my head. If the giver did not mean well or had an ulterior motive, screw ’em.
Amy loves Brenda Leigh

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