Black and White and Worn Everyday

2 night business trip coming up! I want to carry-on only  So, of course I will take my favorite rolling laptop bag, “Pebbles”.  Pebbles is the best bag!  I got her at eBags

Day 1 – Fly and meeting – black pants and white blouse, open, with a lime green tank under, black wide belt, black sling  backs, leopard scarf over shoulders or tied to Brighton Crossbody handbag
Day 2 – Day long meeting – slim black skirt, white blouse buttoned with white scarf loosely around neck.  
Dinner – blouse buttoned to top; tie white scarf at waist, obi-style; hair up, dangly earrings. Same sling backs.
Day 3 – Meeting and Fly – black pants, brown T, blouse tucked in with black belt and leopard scarf ascot style, black fold-able flats.
Black and White and Worn Everywhere

My Inspiration – AVON Brochure

Clothes packed in Pebbles: 1 Brown T, 1 white T (Hanes-mens for sleeping/swimsuit cover), black fold-able flats, white long scarf, black straight skirt, 2 panties, 1 neutral bra, dangly earrings, swimsuit, flip-flops in zippered pocket.

Amy loves keepin’ it simple!

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