What was the first word said from the moon by Alan Shepherd? "Houston"

@edlavacnn RT -” Just the thought of the last Space Shuttle not being retired to Houston (home of astronaut corps & families) is an insult.”
I certainly agree, with CNN’s  Ed Lavandera (He’s a UT-Austin Grad, btw)
Houston has been home to the space shuttle program and all of it’s employees and families for umpteen years but is overlooked as a permanent place to host a retired Shuttle?  Endeavour goes to LA, Discovery goes to the Smithsonian (Enterprise already resides there) and Enterprise will be moved to NY… Atlantis stays in Cape Canaveral.  What’s with the powers at NASA?  Who decided this?  Was there money involved? (rhetorical question, of course)
Houston was bitterly disappointed that Johnson Space Center, home of Mission Control, would only get seats from a shuttle. “There was no other city with our history of human space flight or more deserving of a retiring orbiter,” Houston Mayor Annise Parker said.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/huff-wires/20110412/us-travel-brief-space-shuttles-last-stop/
My friend Tim on Endeavour.  When not in space, Tim lives and works at JSC in Houston.  Sorry, Tim!  NASA has decided – no shuttle for you 😦

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