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A Great Eight
I’m loving gray pants right now… In fact I love gray in general right now… it’s soft on the eyes, yet crisp  – very mixable.
I know that (too) many *CC’c rely on (hide out in) black… but sometimes black just sucks the energy out of a look.  Give gray a try… I think you’ll find it really wearable and super safe as a black substitiute.  Save black for all-out glam occasions.
Looks:  Gray pants and a great gray vest that can be worn as a shirt, Black Graphic T, Red Floral Blouse, Navy Dress, Black n White Snakeskin Shirtdress, White T, Blue Cardigan.
The snakeskin print shirtdress can be worn over and over…
As a dress (T’s, vest/blouse over or under)
As a duster over navy dress, gray pants
Add in your existing scarves, shoes, belts, jewels and think outside the box!
Perfect looks for play, work, date-night, concerts, church, shopping…
AND great choices for me and my *Chubby Chicas!
Love you! A


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