Month: May 2011

Struck Out Looking


I hate that. A player strikes out, not swinging at the ball, but looking at it… to see if it is a good pitch.

Of course, it happens to me, too. And there are probably perfectly acceptable reasons that I strike out while making sure it is all good.
Waiting, until the timing is perfect and the variables are all in the right “zone” is not really a good idea… but it sure is hard to take a swing for the fence when I’m not sure what’s coming!

Babe Ruth struck out 1360 times in his career… I hope I’ve got a few more chances.
(Buster Posey – OUT looking)

Men, Men, Men, Men, Manly Men, Men, Men


I’ve been living in an all “boy” household for 18 years and I’m still amazed, charmed, appalled, and stupefied by the way they relate to each other… They are aliens! ;-D