I’m No Gwyneth !

I’m no Gwyneth…


REALLY! … she’s tall, leggy, blond and rich… I’m short, squat, brunette and budget!
But I do like these style ideas.  A blue floral or plaid summery dress can serve so many purposes!
A terrific blog I read did a “make this outfit but cheaper” post using GP’s recent fashion pages on GOOP.
(I can’t remember which blog it was, crap!  If  you noticed, let me know…)
Anyway, their cheaper version was great, but still too $$ for me and it was not plus-sized.

SO I made a cheap-o/fab-u-loso version inspired by Gwyneth… actually kinda funny since I not a big fan of hers…Nothing over $50 all clothing Plus Size. 
Adios Chicas!I'm no Gwyneth ...


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