Celebrate! 30 Year Class Reunion… [ I can’t possibly be that old!? ]

30 Year Reunion

This is what I would like to wear to my 30 year reunion this weekend. Since I don’t have all of these items, will have to get creative!
Friday is a Family Bowling night, so the denim skirt is actually a skort :-)   It’s usually cold in the Bowling Alley, so I’ve added a darling cropped cardi in my favorite color!
Saturday is at a bar downtown. It’s an open- air bar and the air temp will be about 102 degrees (really) SO I am going for a cool, thin dress with pettipants under for the chub rub(!) and a super light-weight shrug to cover my flappy arms.
Sunday is mexican brunch for families. Same pink cardigan but with vintage rock n roll T and my fave pink Converse sneaks.
“We raise hell, we have FUN, we’re the Class of 81!”


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