Say it Isn’t So! Coming Soon – July 18

I’m sure it is no surprise to you that Rick is gonna run…

He can say what he wants, but the skinny in Austin is that all of his staff, family, friends, lovers, one-nighters, bar-tenders, custodians, maids, chauffeurs, hairstylists, chefs, manicurists, astrologers etc. ANY one that he has been in contact or cahoots with is doing a HUGE purge of info.

Shredding machines are in overdrive, as are the people cleaning up FB, Twitters, photos, blogs, hard-drives, texts, phones – everyone is getting ready to be scrutinized by the media and potential opponents.

He’s gonna run alright, just needs everyone to get their ducks lined up and cleaned up.
This makes me very happy; he will be out of Texas!

Always look on the bright side right?

Amplify’d from

Rick Perry Looking Increasingly Likely To Run For President, GOP Insiders Say

Rick Perry
WASHINGTON – Texas Gov. Rick Perry looks increasingly likely to run for president, numerous Republican party insiders said Thursday, but it is unlikely that any decision will be announced this month.



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