Today is July 18… The Second Coming?

Recall last week when I said July 18 would be the day THE PERRY announced his presidential candidacy?
Still, I think I threw up in my mouth a bit when I saw this article, earlier today.
Rick Perry On Potential 2012 Run: ‘This Is What I’ve Been Called To Do’
Rick Perry 2012

So, God (I assume he was called by God)
wants him to lead the US the way he has lead Texas..

Cue the Temptations:

“Fee-fi-fo-fum, look out baby, cuz here he comes”

I stole this directly from Janice Williams

Should Perry get credit for Texas economy?

“Just thinking if Perry should get credit. I make thousands less than I did when he took office 12 years ago (you’d think it MIGHT have gone up a little) and I’ve been laid off 3 times (well, 4 if you count this recent part-time job layoff) during his administration…and accepted new jobs at lower pay each time I was rehired. Is “credit” to be taken when so many friends are still unemployed?”

And businesses closing left and right, some of them long, long-time business.

If you are a woman reading this I beg you to understand what the Perry-led Texas Lege has done to women (one example) and children here. It is subtle and it is almost mean-spirited and it is WRONG. Texas women are rapidly losing ground as equals here in Texas. And don’t get me started about public education… apparently it is not important to educate Texans. (Why? then they might understand how screwed they are getting… keep ’em dumb!)

I LOVE AUSTIN, and I LOVE TEXAS but I am dismayed and stunned at the way we have been (mis)led for 12 years by this man. ONLY in ‘good-ole-boy-still-is-king’ Texas could this happen. Don’t let it happen nationally.

Amy does not love Rick Perry.

2 thoughts on “Today is July 18… The Second Coming?

  1. Jean

    Exactly how will they spin this campaign? To run on the promise that he will lead the country as he has led Texas will take Republican obfuscation to epic new levels. While potentially entertaining on the satirical front, the ramifications of such a campaign and potential victory are deadly serious. Avoid the Christmas rush and oppose Perry NOW!

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