I’m outta here…

Business Trip! Heading to the Valley for a workshop. 
To fly and set up our location – black bermudas, rose colored T, mint green cardi, scarf that coordinates. I’ll probably sleep on the plane (way-too-early flight) and cardi will keep me warm. Later when it’s 110 degrees I will wear just the T.

If we go out tomorrow night and I get time to shower (!) I’ll wear the B/W dress that I plan to fly home in. If we go casual and still sweaty/stinky I will put cardi back on over my trusty white Hanes T that I always pack at least one of.

Workshop day – black crops with a white tank under my khaki ‘uniform’ shirt, my favorite long, skinny orange scarf

Fly home – B/W dress. Extras include a nightshirt, swimsuit, khaki shorts,  and a sheer black caftan top to toss on if we go out after the workshop, or over my swimsuit to hang at the hotel pool.

SHOES: Yes I know… FLIP FLOPS! Flips were recently voted the most disliked article of casual clothing… but I wear flips when I fly to get through security as quickly as possible. Sometimes I even wear super-cheapo-crappy-old-flips and toss them in trash once through security! I do!
I’m also taking my black wedge sandals to stand and present all day in but my feet will be hurting no matter what shoes I wear 😦

Oh yeah! …trying something new… I usually carry a crossbody bag (slumpy shoulders!) This trip I am going to carry a cute new mustard colored wristlet that I got at Target recently. 
I always carry-on my favorite laptop bag‘Pebbles’: This trip all of my handbag stuff is with her, just the bare minimum in the wristlet… Just trying to make it easier on myself!
Time to Zzz Austin, luv u!

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