Moving-in Day!

Moving-in Day!

Sniff! We are taking my baby, Batman, to his college today. :-/ 
It will be a hot, sweaty day, moving him in to the dorm (3rd floor no elevator – eeek!) I would go in shorts if it were not for a quick meeting we will have with the Coach who Batman will report to… I guess I need to look a little bit respectable…?
So I’m wearing khaki capris and a UTSA Shirt with sneakers. 
Later, I’ll freshen up a bit and put on a dress and sandals for drinks and dinner with friends. Then denim bermudas and a tank/shrug for the ‘shop ’til we drop’ day tomorrow. Sandals or sneakers?, I can’t decide, both will work… let’s see how my feet feel 🙂

I am so happy for Batman, he is going where he wants to go and doing what he wants to do…

We’ve spent years getting ready for this; 
I know that our children are God’s children and we are trusted by Spirit to give them a strong foundation and then send them on into the world… I am so fortunate and honored that God shared Batman (and Flash) with me (and with my sweet Superman)
I have prayed thanksgiving prayers over and over and over for these two. Batman is my first, my elder-child, my hip-tick. We have an amazing bond and connection. And now he will be living somewhere else… no more midnight conversations, no more lively political debates, I won’t hear his laugh all the time. I have a hole in my heart. I have a lump in my throat.
AND – I will be just fine, he will be just fine. We will see him fairly often since it’s only 90 miles, but I expect he will stay super busy with being a college student. I want him to embrace the fun and challenges that college life brings! 
Go Batman! Get messy, make mistakes, try new things; life marches by, get in the parade!


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