Amy’s Back in Austin

Hello ATX! You may have guessed that I have been work-traveling (too) mucho lately! I’m in Austin today and had to check in with ya!  I saw a look at DFW the other day that I must share with you as a “DON’T” … In my opinion, anyway.

This was a really cute, late 20’s chica, had her hair in a low pony with the ‘bitch-bump’, nice shades and a cute tote… BUT she was wearing a silk, one shoulder, romper/jumpsuit. Similar to below:

What’s wrong with this?  Wellll, what if you have to pee?  Taking a jumpsuit or romper off in an airport could be icky, airports are dirty. Bathrooms on planes are miniscule – so from a practical point of view this is not good .. AND .. She was freezing the whole time, I could hear her complaining about it (btw – the outside air was 103)

While she did look cute, this is not a very functional flying look… there are lots of ways to look super-chic and still be practical about the realities of airports. like I said, just my opinion 🙂Off Wee Go!If this was matching shirt and shorts with a scarf or cardigan in the tote it would be just as cute AND more functional/practical… but to each her own.

I’m glad to be back – have much more to share!

xoxo, Amy

PS – I do not like the word ‘romper’ for an adult woman’s article of clothing – it just sounds so goofy to me – Hahaha!


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