Love, Love, LOVE these boots!


Love, Love, LOVE these boots!

Saw this cute look on Pippa – Lace Dress not too wearable for me… but I like my version just as much!

Plus sized and mostly under $50!

I must have these boots! They are from JCP and on sale now.  Comes with brown and red laces to switch out.

Sooo… November 1 is really just around the corner and I said I would start my ‘A Stylish 8* re-mix experiment.  I have to admit I am getting a little nervous – not about the clothes, I have made my selections  – but about taking and posting my photos everyday.  AND after deciding to start Nov 1, I accepted an assignment in Houston for a week during November.  It will be different (maybe grubbier) than my usual days and I probably won’t be able to do laundry … still I gotta start somewhere, right?

Amy loves these boots!






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