Thanksgiving Travel – 2

Thanksgiving Travel - 2
Heading to a cooler climate for Thanksgiving?  I will go with you!
I’m gonna grab my rolling carry-on and toss in these items for endless, fab looks while we are visiting your family – ha!
– Dark jeans
-White blouse
-Bright sweater with neck interest
-Sequin tank (for day of night!)
-LBD – knit
-Neutral striped cardigan to wear over any/all of the other items
-Black T-strap flats
-Black strappy heels
-Hanes Mens T-shirt (don’t leave home without it!)
My travel look will be black pants, red long-sleeve T, cute warm scarf, zip-up booties and my warm coat.
To meet your CUTE, single brother I plan to wear dark jeans with sequin tank and heels, coat if needed.
Shopping with your sisters?  I’ll wear the LBD with white blouse and cardigan, flats.
TG Day with the family – black pants, bright sweater, heels, funky flower necklace.
Let’s go!

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