I’m thinking of the holidays tonight… Saw this photo of Emma Watson and love the hard/soft look.  High contrast dressing always appeals to me!  Since I’m old enough to be Emma’s mom, and if I were I wouldn’t want to embarrass her in public…

My three high contrast looks are perfect for the Hot Mama’s.

– Stockings! I swore I would NEVER wear stockings or pantyhose again and damn those Middleton sisters for bringing them back in… But these looks are nice with the tonal leg.  And it’s always a slimming, lengthening look.

-These dresses are ‘party’ but slightly more mature than the petticoat-ed look Emma’s wearing

-One chunky bracelet is the only jewelry needed – focus is on the contrast of fancy dress/tough biker jacket

-Closed toed pumps – instant sophistication and SEX appeal… they’re called FMP’s for a reason!

Wear your hair in a sleek pony with a slight mess on top… high contrast head-to-toe

Amy loves biker jackets – with anything.Bewitching by amylovesaustin featuring motorcycle jackets




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