New Boots for Christmas

New Boots for Christmas
I think I write about boots way too much! Oh well… I will get over it… someday 🙂
Beloved Mom gave me $ for Christmas and I bought boots! Justin Gypsy boots. CUTE!
Brown ostrich with tangerine colored shaft – shorty boots for shorty me!
I got them at Cavander’s in Austin.  They were packed with boot buyers!
I put together A Stylish 8*  – building around the boots. All of the  clothes are plus-sized and $50 or less…
but click on the bag! About $1000!!
If I travel with this set, I will wear the boots to fly. They are fairly easy off/on for security and would be heavy in my carry-on.
BTW the boots were $64 at Cavander’s. They are cheaper online, but I wanted to try them on.
I highly recommend trying on boots, especially cowboy boots, before buying.
You should struggle a bit to get them on then ‘pop’ your foot into the heel. They will slip on the heel at first,
but with a little wear that will stop. Or you could soak them in water and wear them dry…
tried and true method for ‘customize fittin’ your boots!
If I were way younger and thinner I would wear these with the Texas Co-ed Uniform… a strapless mini-dress
or super-short shorts!
That is THE look at UT sport events. I promise not to do that =D
Amy loves her new boots!!
Thanks, Mom

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