Oh Gwen! I love you so… your style is fun, sexy and EXPENSIVE!
To the right is what Gwen wore recently on a family zoo trip. How easy-fabuloso is this look?!
She’s wearing a sheer, plaid shirt over a black bra … perfect if you’re internationally famous rock star royalty.
For a commoner like me… Hmm… Well, I chose a plaid pea-coat. It’s hard to go wrong with a pea-coat;
it’s a classic that looks cool on everyone! Here the plaid makes it look so-current.
Her boots might be traditional dark green Wellies. I chose black boots with a bit of a heel
to go with my  black straight-leg jeans; tone-on-tone in an attempt to elongate my stubby legs.
The crossbody bag I chose is actually a L.A.M.B. Bag ala Gwen herself.
Round dark sunglass and, of course, RED lips!
BTW, if you are afraid of RED lipstick, recycle that brownish lip color that you should throw away – use it as
a base for a RED.
…(Don’t wear brown tones by themselves, too aging)
All the fashions are less than $50 and plus-sized. Youthful, sexy, affordable but not CHEAP!
I already said I love Gwen… ;-D

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