Hanging with the Liberal Ladies

LLLHad lunch this week with the Liberal Ladies… smart, fun group! Mostly, over 40, these women have “been there, done that” and have made the Tshirt into a quilt already!

I don’t know each of them personally (yet) but I can speak for myself and maybe some of them and say, “we have had enough”

Enough harassment about feminism – YES! I AM A proud feminist and you should be too!

Enough bullshit from Rethuglicans who seem to care only for wealthy, white, male Americans.

Enough of the horrendous racism and hatred that has been so prevalent lately – i.e. Ferguson and the US border

Enough of the NRA, it’s twisted logic and dangerous lobbying.

Enough, Enough, ENOUGH.

So we get together and talk and plan and laugh and cry and shake our heads in disbelief and lift each other up and give kudos where due. Everyone needs a tribe, says Seth Godin, I think I have found mine. YAY!

Amy loves Liberals, lol!!


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