Taco Tuesday – Texican Cafe Lakeline

Family visit to Texican Cafe near LakeLine.
Texican Cafe is self-proclaimed El Paso Style … I’m not sure what defines “El Paso style”… I used to spend a lot of time working in El Paso and loved the very fresh, street-taco style places in El Paso, so have high hopes for Texican Cafe.
“I’ll have the soft tacos with ground beef on corn tortillas , please”  
Have I mentioned that I am a part-time vegetarian? For me, there are SO many reasons to give up meat entirely; that probably won’t ever happen… But I have reduced significantly the amount of meat I eat, so that’s a good thing. For me. You do you. 
First glance; happy me! These flour (yes, I ordered corn) tortillas are either home-made or cooked there, either way I’m happy ‘cuz these are much better than the packaged, raw doughy mess usually served as tortillas. #happyaccident 
The ground beef is tender and flavorful and the veggies are cool and crisp. Nice combination. The tortillas are thin, light and crispy-edged just the way I like them. 
Misting fans and TV’s showing NCAA Baseball play-offs on the patio, awesome! 
Amy loves El Paso style tacos 

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