Month: July 2016

Taco Tuesday – No Va Kitchen and Bar

No Va Kitchen has $1 Tacos on Tuesday… who knew? First visit to the Rainey St eatery – on a gorgeous ATX night.
They have an extensive whiskey menu … happy me 🙂
I ordered the Sazarac on the HH Cocktail menu
 – Mmmmmm, heavenly. 
“No Va” is a funny name – means “it doesn’t go” in Spanish… seems counter-intuitive to me. I think they got a free “No Vacancy” sign and repurposed it… Agree?
Anyway. The menu is not Tex-Mex, but since it was Tuesday we ate tacos featured on the $1 Taco menu… Muy Sabroso!  Tortillas were small, corn and wonderful!
Non-traditional tacos, but tasty, cheap and fun.
Amy Loves cheap tacos ❤

Tourist in Town

When’s the last time you toured ATX? We did a three-day Staycation last year over July 4th Weekend last year, SO FUN!
First up DKR Memorial Stadium: I’m pretty sure now that Superman missed his life calling- He was totally comfortable in the UT PRESS BOX!
We got to run (walk) through the tunnel onto the field… no smoke coming out like on gameday, but it was so hot I had steam coming off of me, that counts, right?
Seriously, how do the the players practice there?… it was solar-flare hot.
Next was cooling off at the LBJ Library (July 4th is a FREE day, BTW)
Inspiring! Took our time to look, read, listen to everything … I was more than a little sad when I realized that too many of his ideas and goals were still ideas and goals… that we haven’t accomplished more in the civil rights arena since his Presidency…. anyway; IT IS a beautiful place – go!
Texas Memorial Museum on UT Campus was so cool! I used to come here every year as an Elementary Student, it has changed a lot, and not too much. Very small, elegant, informative. Best of all Superman got a chance to show off his skills 🙂 
From High-brow to Hot Rods. We were not dazed and confused by the great Rock-a-billy music, cool-cat cars and old-style burgers. Mathew M was not there, but plenty of other fun people were.
Top. Notch. alright alright alright.
OF course we went to new favorites and old favorites to grub. 
​Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs, ALWAYS A TREAT!! Even better that day because of the awesome gathering of mature-lesbians-in-tutus who had just arrived from Barton Springs, they were so fun to hang out with!
Three days of laughs, fun, lots of walking and sweating and food. #bestvacationever?
Amy Loves Austin!

Taco Tuesday – La Mancha

Girlfriend Happy Hour at La Mancha on Hancock
Now this used to be Jorge’s Mexican Cantina … where the margarita’s were SO good (read strong, limit 3) and of course the tacos were friggin’ awesome because after two or three Everclear based Margaritas who gives a shit, amiright?   SO La Mancha has big shoes to fill. 
First glance:
Great bar indoors and out, nice vibe
Tacos Rajas con Crema – Traditionally Rajas con Crema is a hearty dish made with poblano chiles, onion, Mexican sour cream and a little bit of cheese wrapped in corn tortillas.
NYOT (Not Your Ordinary Taco), agreed, but delicious.
La Mancha adds corn. They were light, spicy and good combo of textures.
Ima try to make them at home… I’m thinking roasted poblano peppers, smushed corn and onion sautéed in butter, dollop of sour creme, Jack cheese, a sprinkle of cilatro, squeeze of lime… AWESOME!  I’ll let you know how it goes.
Amy Loves Tacos

Taco Tuesday – El Mercado South

Nelli’s Birthday Lunch ❤

Yay me! I got to see my “Baseball Besties” at lunch yesterday… LOVE those two so much!
We went to El Mercado. Never been a huge fan of Elmer’s but it was fun to hang out with my girls.
 I tried 3 off the Tacolicious a la carte menu.
Achiote Taco de Pollo was really good, the chicken was citrusy, crispy lettuce and tasty tomatoes added to the mix. 
*Rant – Dear restaurant owners, if you’re going to use packaged flour tortillas, please at least toast them on the grill or griddle. Most packaged tortillas are still undercooked and need to be finished. A small step, but it makes a huge difference. 

Best thing about Elmer’s? Awesome Margaritas! And they offer a perfect lunch-size, ha!

Good ‘ritas make all Tex-Mex better.
Amy Loves Tacos