Taco Tuesday – El Mercado South

Nelli’s Birthday Lunch ❤

Yay me! I got to see my “Baseball Besties” at lunch yesterday… LOVE those two so much!
We went to El Mercado. Never been a huge fan of Elmer’s but it was fun to hang out with my girls.
 I tried 3 off the Tacolicious a la carte menu.
Achiote Taco de Pollo was really good, the chicken was citrusy, crispy lettuce and tasty tomatoes added to the mix. 
*Rant – Dear restaurant owners, if you’re going to use packaged flour tortillas, please at least toast them on the grill or griddle. Most packaged tortillas are still undercooked and need to be finished. A small step, but it makes a huge difference. 

Best thing about Elmer’s? Awesome Margaritas! And they offer a perfect lunch-size, ha!

Good ‘ritas make all Tex-Mex better.
Amy Loves Tacos

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