Taco Tuesday – La Mancha

Girlfriend Happy Hour at La Mancha on Hancock
Now this used to be Jorge’s Mexican Cantina … where the margarita’s were SO good (read strong, limit 3) and of course the tacos were friggin’ awesome because after two or three Everclear based Margaritas who gives a shit, amiright?   SO La Mancha has big shoes to fill. 
First glance:
Great bar indoors and out, nice vibe
Tacos Rajas con Crema – Traditionally Rajas con Crema is a hearty dish made with poblano chiles, onion, Mexican sour cream and a little bit of cheese wrapped in corn tortillas.
NYOT (Not Your Ordinary Taco), agreed, but delicious.
La Mancha adds corn. They were light, spicy and good combo of textures.
Ima try to make them at home… I’m thinking roasted poblano peppers, smushed corn and onion sautéed in butter, dollop of sour creme, Jack cheese, a sprinkle of cilatro, squeeze of lime… AWESOME!  I’ll let you know how it goes.
Amy Loves Tacos

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