#Belly Pooch

FUN color combo and maxi-skirt look.
Black, white a red… always a great combination!
Not a fan of the stripes wrapping around my bellypooch tho –
A printed anything hides pooch much better.
B/W printed maxi would be so cute here, not too full though!
Printed pencil skirt would be awesome, too, but, for me, would require longer top so I wouldn’t fidget all day.
When I wear something that I don’t feel great in I fidget with my clothes –
Terrible and totally unprofessional… I tell myself “don’t fidget, don’t fidget, DON’T just DON’T”
but it doesn’t really help… I defy myself and do it anyway.
This original look used a black shirt with white trim…
I like solid black top (way more versatile) with a chunky white necklace, not too short. 
T-straps elongate stub-legs… always nice 🙂
Amy loves Red, White and Black

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