Who Are These People?!

This kind of stuff cracks me up!
Who are these people saying “Every Woman Should Own a Trenchcoat” or wool pencil skirt etc… They are OBVIOUSLY not Texas girls!
[If you have and wear a wool pencil skirt please send photos; I don’t think I know anyone who does and would welcome your friendship 🙂 ]
ALSO: pencil skirt of any fabric isn’t very friendly to my super sexy and abundant belly pooch unless I team it up with peplum style top or jacket, or maybe a tunic top.
BTW: I totally hate the Experts who make the “what a woman over 50 should not wear” lists… One “no-no” list had hoop earrings on it, REALLY?!?!  I will likely be buried in hoop earrings at age 107. I wear hoops 80% of the time and big-ass dangly earrings the rest of the time. I like hoops so much I might just wear a nose ring hoop. so there
What else is on the list? Black Bikini. Every woman should own a black bikini. hahahahahahahahaha! No further comment needed, amiright?
Next list:
Oh good! black bikini is here, too. I like consistency in rules. 🙂
Most of the items on this list are TFE – too friggin’ expensive – yeah, buying quality is a good thing, longer lasting, re-purposable etc, but quality doesn’t have to equal extremely expensive, does it?
anyway… also on the the list:
OK, Tall riding boot (brown leather) – hmmm, I do love a tall riding boot [or any boots] and I own tall riding boots, but, alas, they’re black.
That might be strike three for me… but just for fun, lets keep going. 
Next list:
No black bikini here and the “Classic Riding Boots” could be black, I’m liking this list! AND look! HOOP Earrings, yay!!
This is the “Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist” so if we have everything on this list we have the ultimate wardrobe, isn’t that awesome 😀 
Last one [today]
Wardrobe Essentials for Most Boring Women in the World:
Maybe I would look all ooh-la-la French Woman Chic, and that is a gorgeous look, for chic French women, but I’m a Gordita!
The neutral colors are so blah… and there’s the damn pencil skirt again. NOPE.
Amy Loves being told what to wear… haha!

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