Sneak Peak! WTF?

Stop by tomorrow to see Amy and Melinda’s Big Adventure! get jacked – on Jackfruit 😳 …we’re gonna need a bigger knife 🔪    

Must. Have. Crackers. Failure #2 :(

I actually made these last week but was just too damn embarrassed to show you! I swear I CAN cook… but I’m just gonna leave this one right here…   Note – I used parchment paper this time, so there’s that. I’ll keep trying… Amy loves to cook, ha!    

Raise Your Hands if You Have Flappys

Well… maybe not Let’s start with some definitions: Gordita – ‘cute, little fat girl’ in spanish – commonly used by boyfriends for their girlfriends as a nice thing to say rather than an insult Flappys – Excessive arm skin or arm fat that hangs down when arms are raised Got it? OK, here we go…   Hi, my name…