Yankee Doodle Darlin’

When I was a kid 4th of July was the most embarrasing day of the year. My mom got all crazy patriotic excited over Independence Day…


Decked out in her red, white, and blue,  Mom would parade around the house marching to John Phillip Sousa music holding an empty paper towel roll as her “baton”  ala Robert Preston in The Music Man. We’d laugh and roll our eyes at her – she didn’t care. 





Zoom ahead many years – she LOVED taking my little boys to the neighborhood July 4th Parade… I saw it as a way to sleep in a little on a day off;  thank you mom!


Then we began to take her to the parade… it has always been a fun day for us.

Yesterday, July 4th, I went to her place – drove in, parked; heading to the entrance I looked up to a “yoo-hoo” and there was Mom in her July 4th splendor waving joyfully from her flag draped balcony – no paper towel role, tho, haha!


I walked in to a photo session happening in the lobby.

Six of the vets who live there had just returned from the neighborhood parade. They rode in little red corvettes and waved at the crowd. One of them is 99 and fought in WWII, a real character.

Mom said she had watched them leave, roaring off in the corvettes and had gotten very emotional watching them go. It was sweet and lovely.

I was there to help sync her phone/be tech support. When I opened up her iTunes I had to laugh out loud at her music:  John Phillip Sousa!!

Her “Go USA” spirit has always been awesome… I’m proud to be the Yankee Doodle Darlin’s Daughter. 

Amy Loves her Mama 🙂


NWH Neighborhood Parade














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