#AlwaysHungry – Must. Have. Crackers.

Hi y’all!

Do you love crackers? I love crackers; crunchy, crispy, savory, salty… yum.

So… Superman and I have started eating healthier. We are following Always Hungry by Dr. David Ludwig… because, you know, the always hungry thing. So far I’m liking the plan. It’s a lot of cooking, but that’s ok while I’m on summer-break. Our goal is to not have a goal, rather to have a process and actions that we can do for a long time. I think this plan will work for that. BUT… NO CRACKERS. shit

I’ve been totally jonesin’ for crackers. I researched no grain, no sugar (no taste?) crackers and found many ideas, some of them sounded horrible, but I narrowed it down to a few. So let’s give it a whirl, huh?

First try was an all cheese cracker. I figured this would be easy and that I’d like it, because I love burnt cheese… on a pizza or nachos, etc… Mmm chewy deliciousness… contact high just thinking about it… Mmmm mmm mm m

ANYWAY. This is what I was going for: added jalapeños are a bonus!

Not my photo…

Thinking they might turn out like this:

Certainly not my photo

Reality check:

Let’s analyze this almost-epic-fail;

  • I loved the lacy, crispy texture
  • They smelled delish
  • Probably tasted great… I say probably because I could not get them off the damn foil
  • I thought if I tried to move them while warm the spatula would smooosh the whole thing into a roll. So… waited until they cooled, thinking I could peel them off… NOPE. I got a few crumply pieces to taste, then tossed it all in the trash 😦

Lessons learned: Use parchment paper. Cook at a lower temp for longer. Try again tomorrow. I’ll let you know!

FUN random realization: My artist friend, Ish, sees a face in everything… notice the jalapeño saying  “OHH Nooo” !!


Shoulda listened to the jalapeño!

Amy Loves Crackers!



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