Raise Your Hands if You Have Flappys

Raise your hands if you have flappys!

Well… maybe not

Let’s start with some definitions:

Gordita – ‘cute, little fat girl’ in spanish – commonly used by boyfriends for their girlfriends as a nice thing to say rather than an insult

Flappys – Excessive arm skin or arm fat that hangs down when arms are raised

Got it? OK, here we go…   Hi, my name is Amy and I’m a gordita with flappys.

Seems like I read everyday about body acceptance. It’s a welcome and refreshing view of gorditas and other human shapes and sizes.

Many awesome women are blogging, writing, and talking about body acceptance, the beauty of fleshy rolls, and the right to bare arms. But here’s the deal; These are young women… that is, their bodies might be roly and poly but it’s a younger, firmer roly and poly 🙂     I bet they don’t have the beautiful, lush, flag-waving-in-the-breeze-flappy arms that I have!



Summer is a love/hate for me… love the gorgeous bare shoulder fashions – hate to accessorize those nice looks with my flappys.

IMO tan flappys look a little better than bright white ones, so come Summer I throw my arms in the air like I don’t care (in the privacy of my own front patio) and try to get a little color on the flaps. Also I’ve started doing planks to improve all over muscle tone, especially flappys… but probably should have started last Fall, or 2015.

Until the tan and planks take huge effect, I incorporate shrugs, shawls, etc into my everyday outfits. But those can be hot-flash-inducing and the fullness is overly fussy sometimes. 

A few years back I bought a Rhonda Shear arm shaper… it was way too spandex-y and OMG! My arms looked like stuffed sausages in a flesh-colored casing!  SO. GROSS.

I never sausage a thing!


A quick Google search reveals several newer, more attractive (?) and innovative ideas for re-shaping/covering flappys. Let’s take a look at some advances in Flappy coverage:

Skinnies Instant Lifts. “These fabulous clear adhesives can be strategically and secretly placed to tuck, lift and contour your body. Use as non surgical solution to instantly lift and tighten saggy upper arms. Hides discreetly so no one will know but you. As seen on Shark Tank, Rachael Ray Show, Today Show, HSN, QVC & More!”

It’s the removal that kills ya!

HaHa! These are basically a big-ass piece of tape that pulls your skin tight – geez, are we (me) that obsessed?! And can I get one for my chin also?   Hmmmm.. I do have a roll of clear contact paper, I wonder if strips of that would work?  I PROMISE if I try contact paper I will take photos and post it #quicklyreachingtheageofnoshame


Sleevy Wonders “Covering up with a sweater or jacket often provokes a hot flash, or hides the beautiful look of a dress… needed: independent, interchangeable sleeves that slim arms without making us too hot or ruining the look of cute outfits!” Exactly! See? They totally get it! These are actually cute and wearable – AND easily wins the award for best-name – Sleevy Wonders appear to hit all the right notes (sorry, I couldn’t resist)  BUT they start at about $50 per pair. So NOPE, probably not for me.   Soy una gordita tocaña.  $$$


“Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing” Sleevy Wonders got ya covered. For $55-85. 


Tattoo Sleeve Covers  Designed to cover tattoos, available in many colors. These look like ‘thigh-highs’ for arms. $11.95/pair  Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 4.45.33 PM

I might actually try these sometime, for a casual look. Between October and April. Lots of color choices and the fabric is cotton-y, hopefully avoiding the sausage result as before.

O. M. G. THIS had never occurred to me!  I would try these for sure!

For those special family events- weddings, funerals, graduations etc 🙂

I love these! Anyone want split an order and share-wear with me?!


I saw a quote:  “Never wave goodbye in the summer after 35”

That just seems so unfriendly. 

Amy is not quite ready to embrace the flappys









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  1. There is a quote by Carl Rogers I love: “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” It really works. I could not start eating healthy until I accepted my body the way it is. And I hope to start exercising soon. Your post was funny but instructive.

    1. Amy Pownall says:

      Hi Carl, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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