Happy Spirit Dolls and David Cassidy

Sooo… some of you may know I’m basically a depressed person. It’s been pretty bad lately. No need to go into gory details; but I stay buried under the bed covers as much as possible. Something I’ve learned over the years:  one way to feel better is for me to tap into my creative self… get lost in my right brain for a while.

I have tons of craft shit around my house, way too many unfinished projects and great ideas that I lost interest in or decided it wouldn’t work; ya feel me?

I’m mixing two things together: too much negative clutter in my brain and too much crafty-shit clutter in my house. The result? Happy Spirit Dolls.

Happy Spirit Dolls

I hand sew these cuties from felt and it’s been fun and weird to see how they evolve. The little wry smiles or frowns just happen… no preconceived idea of what each doll will look like. Each Doll get a little purple bag with three talismans inside. Again, extra crafty stuff. But when I’m choosing who gets what, it seems so pre-destined. Like “of course the yellow/green pom-pom goes with “Blue Monday” Doll… and the white flowers go with the “Mo Money Doll”


I like coincidences. Last week when David Cassidy died I was thinking of the Tiger Beat super-crush  I had on him. To this day ” I Woke Up in Love This Morning” is in my top ten favorite songs.

Oh David… sigh… I did love you so much…

So when I was getting dressed and thinking about the handsome Mr. Cassidy, I turned on my “Soup” playlist (named Soup because it’s a lot of everything)

OF COURSE the very first song that played was “I Woke Up…”

Soup is a playlist of 312 songs and I set the play to shuffle – and still  “I Woke Up…” was the first song that played. Is that a coincidence? Is it spirit? karma? magic? I don’t know why things like that happen, but for me it’s important to acknowledge it and be thankful for whatever it is.

I don’t know how Happy Spirit Dolls and David Cassidy are related; probably a coincidence not yet known to me

Shameless plug – I have an Amy Loves Austin Etsy store where I am selling the Happy Spirit Dolls. Have a look!


xoxo, Amy

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