Hi y’all!  Thanks for stopping by.

A little bit about me and why I write.

I’m an Austin native. Designer. Educator. UT Baseball addict. Feminist. I’m Wonderwoman, awesome wife to Superman, groovy mom to 2 cool young men; Batman and Flash. Whiskey drinker with epic parallel parking skills – rarely used at the same time 😉

As long-time human-lover and liberal, I hit my 50’s with an “I have had enough of this shit” attitude and started taking action.

I have a new-found need to embrace my life – (hot flashes, belly pooch, chin hairs, flapping arms!)  AND, I will no longer sit on the sidelines watching the crazy-ass politics going on… wanna meet up with me at protests and marches? I’m there in my pink cowboy hat.

This blog, and my T-shirt business Resistance Pies, are ways for me to humorously resist aging and the political mess of today… Tapping into my creativity might preserve my sanity!

I’m committed to holding the energy and making changes that will protect women, families, friends, and other “good stuff”

See ya tomorrow!


#AgingRecklessly  #HotFlashion 

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