I’m thinking of the holidays tonight… Saw this photo of Emma Watson and love the hard/soft look.  High contrast dressing always appeals to me!  Since I’m old enough to be Emma’s mom, and if I were I wouldn’t want to embarrass her in public…

My three high contrast looks are perfect for the Hot Mama’s.

– Stockings! I swore I would NEVER wear stockings or pantyhose again and damn those Middleton sisters for bringing them back in… But these looks are nice with the tonal leg.  And it’s always a slimming, lengthening look.

-These dresses are ‘party’ but slightly more mature than the petticoat-ed look Emma’s wearing

-One chunky bracelet is the only jewelry needed – focus is on the contrast of fancy dress/tough biker jacket

-Closed toed pumps – instant sophistication and SEX appeal… they’re called FMP’s for a reason!

Wear your hair in a sleek pony with a slight mess on top… high contrast head-to-toe

Amy loves biker jackets – with anything.Bewitching by amylovesaustin featuring motorcycle jackets



WWWhat to Wear










Used the ideas for Fall Essentials from WhoWhatWear… check out the whole article.

My choices are WAY cheaper, and just as cute/usable.

And they’re plus-sized; always a plus!

My version:

WWWhat to Wear?

Bad Hair Day

Have I mentioned before that I love Austin?!

Well… I am not crazy about the Austin weather … after months of scorching hot Summer and no rain:

Today, November 7 is muggy and gross.

I have a lot of hair, it’s thick, and unfortunately,  neither curly nor straight.  On muggy days like this, if I shampoo in the morning, my hair will stay damp all friggin’ day.  And it will get bigger and bigger and fuzzier and frizzier and yet, somehow, still be flat… WTH??

So, I am done with my ‘office’ work and am heading out into the muggy forbook deliveries and Teacher visits, and my hair will get there before I do.

Amy hates muggy weather – even in Austin.




Thanksgiving Travel – 2

Thanksgiving Travel - 2
Heading to a cooler climate for Thanksgiving?  I will go with you!
I’m gonna grab my rolling carry-on and toss in these items for endless, fab looks while we are visiting your family – ha!
– Dark jeans
-White blouse
-Bright sweater with neck interest
-Sequin tank (for day of night!)
-LBD – knit
-Neutral striped cardigan to wear over any/all of the other items
-Black T-strap flats
-Black strappy heels
-Hanes Mens T-shirt (don’t leave home without it!)
My travel look will be black pants, red long-sleeve T, cute warm scarf, zip-up booties and my warm coat.
To meet your CUTE, single brother I plan to wear dark jeans with sequin tank and heels, coat if needed.
Shopping with your sisters?  I’ll wear the LBD with white blouse and cardigan, flats.
TG Day with the family – black pants, bright sweater, heels, funky flower necklace.
Let’s go!

Thanksgiving Travel

So who is traveling home for Thanksgiving?  Are you going somewhere warm/mild?  You will want to look flawless and effortlessly put together, right?  Grab your carry-on bag and add:

-Denim skirt (I choose a knee-length straight skirt to conceal my belly-pooch)

-Gold color drapy T

-Navy knit dress for an evening out


-Sheer print blouse to be worn over any/all of the above

-Strappy Sandals, Crossbody bag

-Don’t forget my favorite go-to: the plain white Hanes Mens T shirt

Travel outfit:  Brown pants, Navy Trench, “X-ray” T (ATX Airport just got body scanners!), signature silk scarf, flats

Mix and re-mix = perfect outfits for any event you may encounter while ‘home for the holidays’

Be confident and gorgeous!

Carolina League?

Carolina League?

Isn’t this a little much for the Carolina Leagues?

That is of of my favorite lines from a favorite movie –  “Bull Durham”

During one of the many conversations between Annie Savoy and Crash Davis he asks her “Who are you?  Do you have a job” and then (referring to her cute white midriff top, short black skirt and garters/stockings peeping out) he says: “Isn’t this a little much for the Carolina Leagues?”

HAHA! I often ask myself that when I get dressed… and today I may be crossing the line.

Outfit: Striped cowl tunic, black shrug, black jeggings (not too tight) – no BFD, right?  But I am also wearing, for the first time ever, black knee-hi boots… and I am hoping that my short, chubbette legs don’t look like snausages!!  I wish Flash was here – he is usually (brutally) honest about what I wear.

As long as I am comfy and feel cute/confident I am generally ok with my choices.

So… here I go! I will let you know!

Amy loves Bull Durham!

Love, Love, LOVE these boots!


Love, Love, LOVE these boots!

Saw this cute look on Pippa – Lace Dress not too wearable for me… but I like my version just as much!

Plus sized and mostly under $50!

I must have these boots! They are from JCP and on sale now.  Comes with brown and red laces to switch out.

Sooo… November 1 is really just around the corner and I said I would start my ‘A Stylish 8* re-mix experiment.  I have to admit I am getting a little nervous – not about the clothes, I have made my selections  – but about taking and posting my photos everyday.  AND after deciding to start Nov 1, I accepted an assignment in Houston for a week during November.  It will be different (maybe grubbier) than my usual days and I probably won’t be able to do laundry … still I gotta start somewhere, right?

Amy loves these boots!