Cunningham Reunion 1889 – 2010


I went to my Cunningham Family Reunion this weekend. Our 121st gathering. We have gathered at the same beautiful, tree-covered land near Comanche, TX for all those years. AS always, I find myself wondering what on earth the women of the many years past wore to this event. The temperature usually hovers around 98 degrees! My Mom has said that in the 1950’s her Dad made them wear dresses and petticoats (though with 3 girls plus Grandma in the car there was a “1 petticoat only” rule!)

The above photo is of the first Cunningham Reunion in 1889.
In this photo, my Great, great, great, great Grandmother, Susannah Cunningham, is center front. As a woman who had given birth 11 times and could shoot a gun and shell peas at the same time… I would imagine her list of fashion “must-haves” were functional and practical, but I have seen several photos of her and she usually had on a bit of lace and/or a piece of jewelry. Even in the most pioneer of times, the woman could pull off a nice photo-ready look! Love that!!
In this photo, Susie looks very nice in what I’m sure is her nicest dress and fanciest apron – note the cute fringe! Her dress seems to have fancy collar and cuffs and I see a pin at her neckline. I think she looks lovely.

121 years from now I wonder what my ancestors will think of the washed denim capri pants, purple cotton knit shirt and flip-flops that I chose to wear!?


Amy Loves Cunninghams!


g232141_u82512_sonia-sotomayor-time-magazineSO, our new Justice/Benchwarmer nominee is Sonia Sotomayor.  I like the sound of that name. 
Not just because she is a Latina, but mostly because she is a woman.  
Women make up 51.5% of the US population
Women make up 11% of the US Supreme Court Justices (currently)
Add Sonia Sotomayor and we’re up to a whopping 22%
Why are women so underrepresented on the highest court of our country? 
Apparently, right now at least, Americans aren’t too concerned about women actually sitting on the bench: According to Gallup, “Just 6 percent of Americans say it is ‘essential’ that Obama appoint  a woman, while another 26 percent say it would be ‘a good idea, but not essential.’”
Meghan O’Rourke of Double X Magazine
 I’m part of the above 6 percent… What I have a hard time understanding is why more people, women and men, are not.  Does a woman bring a special kind of jurisprudence to the bench? 
I really don’t know, but I would certainly like to see our Supreme Court come closer reflecting the populus it works for.
I look forward to the comfirmation of Ms. Sotomayor.  I hope she is a benchwarmer for a very long time as she offers an unbiased, yet female, point of view.
Amy loves Sonia