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Must. Have. Crackers. Failure #2 :(

I actually made these last week but was just too damn embarrassed to show you!

I swear I CAN cook… but I’m just gonna leave this one right here…



Note – I used parchment paper this time, so there’s that.

I’ll keep trying…

Amy loves to cook, ha!




Another Day – Another food “lesson”

Well the #AlwaysHungry plan is helping us eat better, that’s for certain. Superman is down 14 lbs and I’ve lost 6 ... I hate men and their muscular metabolism …

Anyway… we are eating healthier in spite of the fact that I keep screwing up recipes

First off – I AM a good cook, but I’m Star Wars cook… I use the Force!      To me, a recipe is a jumping off place or a suggestion. Generally if I start cooking with a recipe, about half-way through realize I’m out of eggs, or don’t have a pomegranate or Pasilla de Oaxaca chiles, etc…  So I just go with the flow and make up the rest.

Like Augie* says “Sometimes you win, sometimes, you learn”  That’s my cooking style; Win or Learn, and I learn often!  hahaha!!

PicMonkey Image-2

This brings me to todays fail, er… Learning Experience. A frittata. A frittata is just eggs baked with other stuff, right? So it should be easy-peasy, right? Hmmm… yeah, OK. This was not a true #FAIL because it was edible and actually very tasty, we both liked it.  

But there were plenty of “learning opportunities”  Let’s review. The #AlwaysHungry recipe calls for:

5 eggs and 2 whites – I used 3 eggs and one white. I have no idea why. I looked, saw 5 + 2, then put 3 +1 in the bowl (???) (pretty sure I have CRS… ‘cuz I Can’t Remember Shit)

Sliced zucchini – I just got a spiralizer and of course had to try it out – so long curls instead of slices.

ZOODLE – like a big-ass pencil sharpener for veggies. Also offers a good arm workout!

Tomatoes – nope, didn’t have any, besides, they get too watery when baked, IMO. Turns out, spiraled zuchinni is plenty watery, too!

Grated Cheddar – Yes! had some, used the proper amount. WIN!

Kale – supposed to toss kale with olive oil, salt, pepper then bake until it gets crispy edges. Does the above look like kale to you? Kale probably would have gotten crispy. SPINACH, however, just wilted. BTW, I actually had kale… wth?

Let’s see what else?… Oh yeah, I forgot to preheat the oven so the frittata basically cooked from the residual heat of the cast iron pan while waiting for the oven to get hot enough. Energy Saver! woohoo!

In spite of these screw ups, it was still tasty and filling. It was flat-ish due to missing 2 eggs and an extra white AND the zucchini spirals made it harder to cut. But we ate half of it hot and saved some for breakfast the next day.


Except, it didn’t make it to morning, we had a frittata midnight snack and it was DEE-liciouso!!

See ya tomorrow!

Amy Loves Austin



*Augie Garrido, former UT Baseball Coach, wise sage and foodie





#AlwaysHungry – Must. Have. Crackers.

Hi y’all!

Do you love crackers? I love crackers; crunchy, crispy, savory, salty… yum.

So… Superman and I have started eating healthier. We are following Always Hungry by Dr. David Ludwig… because, you know, the always hungry thing. So far I’m liking the plan. It’s a lot of cooking, but that’s ok while I’m on summer-break. Our goal is to not have a goal, rather to have a process and actions that we can do for a long time. I think this plan will work for that. BUT… NO CRACKERS. shit

I’ve been totally jonesin’ for crackers. I researched no grain, no sugar (no taste?) crackers and found many ideas, some of them sounded horrible, but I narrowed it down to a few. So let’s give it a whirl, huh?

First try was an all cheese cracker. I figured this would be easy and that I’d like it, because I love burnt cheese… on a pizza or nachos, etc… Mmm chewy deliciousness… contact high just thinking about it… Mmmm mmm mm m

ANYWAY. This is what I was going for: added jalapeños are a bonus!

Not my photo…

Thinking they might turn out like this:

Certainly not my photo

Reality check:

Let’s analyze this almost-epic-fail;

  • I loved the lacy, crispy texture
  • They smelled delish
  • Probably tasted great… I say probably because I could not get them off the damn foil
  • I thought if I tried to move them while warm the spatula would smooosh the whole thing into a roll. So… waited until they cooled, thinking I could peel them off… NOPE. I got a few crumply pieces to taste, then tossed it all in the trash 😦

Lessons learned: Use parchment paper. Cook at a lower temp for longer. Try again tomorrow. I’ll let you know!

FUN random realization: My artist friend, Ish, sees a face in everything… notice the jalapeño saying  “OHH Nooo” !!


Shoulda listened to the jalapeño!

Amy Loves Crackers!