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I Like Yogurt?

Superman and I are taking the Summer to re-learn everything we know about food. Incorporating an eating plan that is different that anything we’ve tried before. We’re only about two weeks into it, but already feel better and have lost a few LBs. Of course he has lost more than I … guess it’s the slowly-but-surely method for me, HA!

ANYway, I met a new friend, blogger Keri at Kitchen with Keri, super nice chica with lots of good food info and GREAT photos! She talks about making her own yogurt in one post, and it looked interesting to me. I am not a yogurt lover, in fact I think some of the commercial Greek yogurt is vile (sorry) SO making my own was not high on my list, but I thought “oh well, we’ve got milk, let’s try”

WOW! I am so impressed! It’s really easy, delicious, and fool-proof. Follow her instructions here for your own delicious experience! Thanks Keri ❤

Ahhh-mazing yogurt!

Amy (and Superman) love the homemade yogurt… who knew?

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