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Taco Tuesday – No Va Kitchen and Bar

No Va Kitchen has $1 Tacos on Tuesday… who knew? First visit to the Rainey St eatery – on a gorgeous ATX night.
They have an extensive whiskey menu … happy me 🙂
I ordered the Sazarac on the HH Cocktail menu
 – Mmmmmm, heavenly. 
“No Va” is a funny name – means “it doesn’t go” in Spanish… seems counter-intuitive to me. I think they got a free “No Vacancy” sign and repurposed it… Agree?
Anyway. The menu is not Tex-Mex, but since it was Tuesday we ate tacos featured on the $1 Taco menu… Muy Sabroso!  Tortillas were small, corn and wonderful!
Non-traditional tacos, but tasty, cheap and fun.
Amy Loves cheap tacos ❤

Taco Tuesday – La Mancha

Girlfriend Happy Hour at La Mancha on Hancock
Now this used to be Jorge’s Mexican Cantina … where the margarita’s were SO good (read strong, limit 3) and of course the tacos were friggin’ awesome because after two or three Everclear based Margaritas who gives a shit, amiright?   SO La Mancha has big shoes to fill. 
First glance:
Great bar indoors and out, nice vibe
Tacos Rajas con Crema – Traditionally Rajas con Crema is a hearty dish made with poblano chiles, onion, Mexican sour cream and a little bit of cheese wrapped in corn tortillas.
NYOT (Not Your Ordinary Taco), agreed, but delicious.
La Mancha adds corn. They were light, spicy and good combo of textures.
Ima try to make them at home… I’m thinking roasted poblano peppers, smushed corn and onion sautéed in butter, dollop of sour creme, Jack cheese, a sprinkle of cilatro, squeeze of lime… AWESOME!  I’ll let you know how it goes.
Amy Loves Tacos

Taco Tuesday – El Mercado South

Nelli’s Birthday Lunch ❤

Yay me! I got to see my “Baseball Besties” at lunch yesterday… LOVE those two so much!
We went to El Mercado. Never been a huge fan of Elmer’s but it was fun to hang out with my girls.
 I tried 3 off the Tacolicious a la carte menu.
Achiote Taco de Pollo was really good, the chicken was citrusy, crispy lettuce and tasty tomatoes added to the mix. 
*Rant – Dear restaurant owners, if you’re going to use packaged flour tortillas, please at least toast them on the grill or griddle. Most packaged tortillas are still undercooked and need to be finished. A small step, but it makes a huge difference. 

Best thing about Elmer’s? Awesome Margaritas! And they offer a perfect lunch-size, ha!

Good ‘ritas make all Tex-Mex better.
Amy Loves Tacos

Taco Tuesday – Texican Cafe Lakeline

Family visit to Texican Cafe near LakeLine.
Texican Cafe is self-proclaimed El Paso Style … I’m not sure what defines “El Paso style”… I used to spend a lot of time working in El Paso and loved the very fresh, street-taco style places in El Paso, so have high hopes for Texican Cafe.
“I’ll have the soft tacos with ground beef on corn tortillas , please”  
Have I mentioned that I am a part-time vegetarian? For me, there are SO many reasons to give up meat entirely; that probably won’t ever happen… But I have reduced significantly the amount of meat I eat, so that’s a good thing. For me. You do you. 
First glance; happy me! These flour (yes, I ordered corn) tortillas are either home-made or cooked there, either way I’m happy ‘cuz these are much better than the packaged, raw doughy mess usually served as tortillas. #happyaccident 
The ground beef is tender and flavorful and the veggies are cool and crisp. Nice combination. The tortillas are thin, light and crispy-edged just the way I like them. 
Misting fans and TV’s showing NCAA Baseball play-offs on the patio, awesome! 
Amy loves El Paso style tacos 

Taco Tuesdays

Tuesday night has been Taco night for as long as I can remember…
Loong before Taco Tuesday became a “thing”
And, just keeping’ it real y’all, I make the best damn tacos. Sam, my dear old Dad, made some awesome tacos and Tia Mary’s tacos were comatose-good.
They’ve both passed now and it’s up to me to carry on the Olguin Taco Tradition. Luckily I am up for the task.
Merriam-Webster defines Taco as:
Taco – noun  ta·co  \ˈtä-(ˌ)kō\ :  a Mexican food that consists of a folded and usually fried piece of thin bread (called a tortilla) that is filled with meat, cheese, lettuce, etc.
Uhhh… NO. A Taco is the most perfect food in the world